INTERGEO-2022 - a global platform of geospatial technologies and global innovations in geodesy and land management

November 1, 2022
    On October 18-20, INTERGEO-2022, the world's largest exhibition and conference in geodesy, land management, geoinformatics and remote sensing of the Earth, was held in Essen, Germany.

     This is one of the most important and largest world events for specialists in geodesy, land management and geoinformatics. For three days, 457 unique expositions from 31 countries were presented here, and more than 14 thousand people from 102 countries visited the exhibition. During the conference, more than 120 reports were delivered, and the number of participants reached 2,800 (1,800 of whom participated online).

    This year, the organizers of the conference and exhibition paid special attention to Digital Twins, tools that combine static and dynamic information in real time and perform important tasks in displaying reality. Digital copies of physical objects or processes help to optimize business efficiency and make management decisions. The concept of Digital Twins is a part of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart Cities, Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainable development, mobility and climate change were among other issues that were in focus at this year's exhibition-conference. Geospatial data and technologies provide fundamental information for spatial representation and analysis, on which future-oriented decisions are based. Therefore, geodesy, land management and geoinformatics offer tools to combat the consequences of climate change based on reliable modeling.




Significant attention was paid to unmanned aircraft, the potential of which is now reflected in almost all areas of human life (military affairs, surveys of buildings and structures, creation of point cloud or industrial goals, monitoring, aerial photography, etc.). The exhibitors also presented automated solutions to obtain remote sensing data from spacecraft. Geoinformation systems and BIM decisions have demonstrated their potential in analyzing data, monitoring and supporting decision -making. BIM technologies are becoming the most discussed topic in the field of construction. Special attention of the professional community was paid to Smart Cities, which allow one to develop more efficient, technologically developed, environmentally friendly and more socially inclusive cities.

Among the highlights of the conference was Lidar technology (Light Detection and Ranging), a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth. It helps to create extremely detailed 3D models of landscapes, buildings, structures and any geometric elements that are widely used for cadastral and construction research, process planning, conservation of industrial objects, implementation of infrastructure projects and control of structural deformation.

    NUBiP of Ukraine was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Land Management Taras Yevsyukov and Head of the Department of Land Use Planning Andriy Martyn.

    During the first day, university representatives got acquainted with the latest achievements of the CHC NAVIGATION company, presented by the regional head in the countries of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Rashid Burkhlall and manager of this company Andriy Horb. They introduced the latest technological solutions in mapping and obtaining geospatial data, accurate positioning (i73, i83, i90 GNSS receiver models), control of mechanized processes in agribusiness, hydrographic surveys (Apache 6 Multibeam Marine Drone), lidar surveying, etc. Andriy Poyedinok, regional manager of STONEX company, presented a model range of S850 GNSS receivers, R60 total stations, etc. Representatives of NUBiP of Ukraine also engaged in communication with the representatives of Pix4D Swiss company, Doctor of Agricultural Engineering Lorena Uskisa and her colleague, head of business development Nadzezhda Gil. As a result, the university received Pix4Dmapper Educational Classroom and Perpetual license software free of charge.


    Graduates of the Faculty of Land Management Victoria Gadaychuk and Artem Kholodkov talked about the latest technological solutions of the world's leading manufacturer of geodetic equipment and software - Trimble company. They promised to hold a webinar for the students majoring in 193 Geodesy and land management in the near future.

    The next day was devoted to the leaders in the field of geodetic instrumentation and software development - HEXAGON and Leica Geosystems companies. The presentation was given by Oleksandr Horb and Ramil Yunusov. In particular, revolutionary models of Nova TS60 electronic total stations were presented, which allow measuring distances up to 12 km with high accuracy. In addition, this total station automatically measures its height. Models of GPS receivers (GS 18) are equipped with a camera and technology of visual positioning (up to 10 m), compensation of tilt angles, etc. The updated model of the Leica Pegasus TRK500 Evo 3D scanner is now lighter and allows one to install it without the help of a partner. The speed of its movement (by car, train or other means of transport) has also increased from 60 to 130 km/h. The laser scanning technology in Leica RTC360 and BLK360 scanner models and BLK2FLY lidar system have also been updated. One of the interesting novelties presented at INTERGEO 2022 was a unique technological solution for robotic surveyors that increases their productivity, saves time and reduces cumbersome corrections and calculations in the office - Leica AP20 AutoPole, the main prize of INTERGEO-2022. Taras Yevsyukov, Dean of the Faculty of Land Management, also tried to compete for it. The task was to perform the survey of 9 pickets as accurately and quickly as possible with the smart Leica AP20 AutoPole. The result of Taras Oleksiiovych was 16.03 seconds and was ninth among several hundred participants. This year's unique development was the Leica Georadar Stream DP, which allows one to scan surfaces up to a depth of 3 meters and link the results to GoogleMaps.

    Dozens of working meetings were held within the framework of the conference and exhibition. NUBiP representatives reached agreements on cooperation, use of simulators and company equipment in the educational process of the university, and regular presentations of advanced technological solutions at NUBiP of Ukraine. Our university constantly tries to improve its educational programs and aims at developing even stronger strategic cooperation ties between the university and the world's leading manufacturers of geodetic equipment.

     We would like to express our gratitude for the help and support in the organization of the visit and participation in INTERGEO-2022.

    The next INTERGEO conference-exhibition will be held on October 10-12, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Lyudmila Gunko,
Associate Professor of the Department of Land Use Planning




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