Adaptation of first-year higher education applicants at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

October 4, 2022

  The first-year students of the 3rd group of the Faculty of AgrarianManagement successfully overcame the first and one of the most important stages of their professional development - adaptation to the NULES of Ukraine.

They got used to new learning conditions and plunged into the unforgettable world of student life.
The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Management named after Prof. J. S. Zavadskyi hospitably welcomed young people into the university classrooms, introducing them in detail to the peculiarities of the educational process.
According to the results of attending lectures and practical classes in academic disciplines, first-year students were convinced of the correctness of the choice they made regarding their future profession.
An important component of the adaptation of the first (bachelors) level of higher education students who entered the NULES of Ukraine from different regions of our country was the creation of comfortable living conditions for them in the dormitory.
Natalia Drahnieva, the mentor of the academic group of students, repeatedly visited them in the dormitory, providing useful piece of advice on creating cozy living conditions.
Our dear first-year studentswe wish your student's life will be easy, successful, and full of unforgettable impressions within the walls of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine!
Alina Troian,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi
Translated Oksana Havrysh
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