Talented students of the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" were awarded scholarships

March 27, 2017

 In March 2017 American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which includes more than 80 000 members from 120 countries, awarded 6 scholarships to the most talented graduate students of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. These students study Accounting and Taxation at the Faculty of Economics (the Department of Accounting and Taxation). The winners are - Horbunenko Roman, Dudnichenko Artur, Chekariev Vladyslav (group 1), Vovchenko Valentyna, Hnes Oksana and Pinchuk Natalia (group 3).

These scholarships will allow our students to study and to pass the exams without any fee in order to acquire one of the most popular qualifications among practitioners in the field of management accounting “Certified Management Accountant”. Gaining the certificate on management accounting will give essential advantages on the job market that will allow to bid for the top management positions in the financial sector both in Ukrainian enterprises and abroad.

Kryshtopa Iryna


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