The international support of Ukraine and the university partners does not stop

May 6, 2022
    Once again, we inform the university community about the receipt of a number of letters and proposals from our foreign partners addressed to the rector, the university administration, individual faculties with support in such a difficult for our country time, when the enemy, represented by the Russian Federation, has waged a full-scale war and set out the goal to destroy our statehood, history, culture, education, etc.
    Fierce fighting continues every day in different parts of our country, people are dying on both sides, our infrastructure is being irreparably damaged, the homes of civilians are being destroyed, there is a threat of another, global scale, nuclear catastrophe due to shelling of nuclear power plants. In many regions the humanitarian crisis is growing due to problems with food delivery, access to health services, transport, education, etc.
   Letters of support have been received in the last few days from: Queensland University (Haiti), Slovak University of AgricultureMendel UniversityMasaryk University (both Brno, Chech republic), Next Generation Research Center (Cyprus and Sweden), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), Maritime Academy in Slupsk (Poland), Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland), etc.
    We are sincerely grateful for the suggestions to support our community and students, and we ask our partners not to stop appealing to their politicians and governments to stop aggression, close the skies over Ukraine and create a no-fly zone, inform society about crimes against humanity that Russia is committing on our territory.
Let's win together!!!
Prof. Vadym Tkachuk
Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work,

international activity and development 

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