Our voices as the loudspeakers for the world

April 11, 2022

   April 9, 2022, the students of the Faculty of Agrarian Management of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Oleksandra Kamynina and Marharyta Dmytruk under the guidance of professor of the Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi Nadia Reznik took part in a conference. The Howard University School of Business (United States of America) on topic «War in Ukraine» organized the conference.

   Today it is important to wage war not only on the front, but also in the information field: to participate in conferences, be active in discussions, not to ignore politics and follow events in Ukraine, so that relevant information spread "by word of mouth".
   During the conference, professors from different countries discussed the situation in Ukraine, including reflections on methods of further sanctions against the aggressor country. Professor Nadia Reznik thoroughly and from a practical point of view highlighted the real situation in Ukraine, in the context of the economic assessment of disrupted supply chains, logistics and the problem of food security. The students shared their touching stories about the beginning of the war. Marharyta Dmytruk showed the official article of the Russian media, in which Ukrainian people presented as the Nazis, calling for the extermination of us, and the Americans – the main evil of the world, to foreign participants. There was tears in the eyes of listeners…
   It was nice that the participants asked questions that arose during the discussion – an indicator that people are interested in us and want to know the truth.
   We hope that our voices will heard for people from all over the world, and everyone will learn about the propaganda machine that manages of the orcs and tortures of the Ukrainian people. Take care of yourself each Ukrainian!
Marharyta Dmytruk,
student of the Faculty of Agrarian Management
Translated Oksana Havrysh


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