Letter from the Secretary General of the European University Association on support for Ukraine

March 5, 2022

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Amanda Crowfoot - Secretary General of the European University Association in response at the request of the Rector of the University Stanislav Nikolayenko to support Ukraine in counteracting large-scale war that Russia unleashed against our country on February 24, 2022 and assistance through politicians and governments of the member countries sent a letter highlighting the position of the association on Russia's aggression.

Dear Rector Nikolaienko,

Thank you for sending us your message describing the dire situation in your country. As we have previously stated, the European University Association (EUA) is shocked by the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, condemns this aggression, and stands in solidarity with its members in Ukraine and the entire population of the country. I sincerely hope that your institution’s staff and students are, and continue to be, safe and healthy. Following an initial statement of solidarity, let me refer you to our most recent statement, published yesterday 2 March, which proposes a number of measures in support of Ukraine.

As you know, we are in contact with our 26 Ukrainian university members to ascertain what assistance we can provide at this difficult and distressing time. We are also liaising with our member- and partnership to ensure that support for the Ukrainian university sector takes a coordinated and effective format.

We also call on our members to cease contact and collaboration with any central government agency of the Russian Federation or any other country that actively supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are encouraging our members to re-assess links with Russian higher education institutions to ensure existing and future cooperation is based on shared European values.

Parallel discussions on suspending Russian representation in the BFUG and related structures are currently ongoing in the context of the Bologna Follow Up Group of the European Higher Education Area. At EU level, yesterday, the preparation of grant agreements under Horizon Europe were suspended and payments to Russian entities under existing contracts frozen.

EUA remains committed to peaceful co-operation, mutual understanding, and tolerance across borders, and despite the desperate situation, continues to hope for reflection, restraint, and a swift end to this war.

Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have any other questions.

Best regards,
Amanda Crowfoot
EUA Secretary General

The letter, in particular, calls on all member universities of the association to stop cooperating with any institutions of the Russian Federation that support its aggression against Ukraine. Ms. Crowfoot also said that the European Union has all grant agreements under the Horizon Europe program with the institutions of the Russian Federation are frozen.

We truly thank Ms. Amanda Crowfoot and the European University Association for their support of Ukraine and fidelity to the principles of democracy and peace.

Rector and Rectorate of the University

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