Youth of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, yesterday's applicants are already preparing for the competition of scientific student works

26 January 2022, 12:19

 A recent entrant, currently a first-year student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  212 "Veterinary Hygiene, Sanitation and Expertise" AFONINA ANNA OLEKSIYIVNA actively participated in the scientific work of the Department of Veterinary Hygiene named after Professor A.K. Skorokhodko. She has already taken an active position on the educational and scientific work of the circle of the department.

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Tetiana Taran  student Anna Afonina  conducted a number of studies, based on the results of which was written work performed within the National research project №110 / 16-PR-2020: Scientific basis of criteria for assessing the quality and safety of raw milk - harmonization with international requirements (ULYAB APK, Department of Veterinary Hygiene named after Prof. AK Skorokhodko).
On January 20, 2022, the student reported the main provisions of the scientific work to the supervisor online and received both positive feedback and a number of remarks from him.
The work is devoted to sesonal fluctuation of the organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics of milk. In addition, the ratio of fatty acids in cow's milk was studied, which characterizes the  feeding quality and milk adulteration with vegetable oils.
The  raw milk was sampled at different seasons on the dairy farm of the NULES of Ukraine "Agronomic Research Station". The research was conducted in the accredited Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of the NULES of Ukraine and the laboratory of the Department of Veterinary Hygiene named after A.K. Skorochodko. Organoleptic, physicochemical, sanitary and hygienic indicators were determined by generally accepted standard methods. The fatty acid composition of milk was investigated by gas chromatography.
Studies have shown that the organoleptic and physicochemical parameters of raw milk and fatty acid composition vary depending on the season.
According to the results of scientific work theses are published. The results of the research are implemented in the educational process.
We wish success to 1st year student Afonina Anna in the competition of student research papers and in further educational and research work.
T. Taran, Associate Professor
of the Department of Veterinary Hygiene named after prof. A.K. Skorokhodko
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