Sofia Salnyk: Participation in seminars of the International House Sonnenberg (Germany) has already become a tradition

January 12, 2022
    For many years representatives of our university have been participating in the seminars, held by the International House Sonnenberg (Germany), during which experienced experts share their views on many current global issues of politics, history, sociology and more.

    This time among the participants were 3rd-year students of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy Sofia Salnyk and Anastasia Balamut. This year’s main topic was Europe in political, historical and cultural aspects. The speakers had the opportunity to deliver their presentations on a variety of topics: Europe in the Ukrainian perspective, what it means to be a European, the European Court of Justice and human rights, civil society in Europe and many others. Participants compared the past and present situation in Europe, expressed their assumptions about the further development of German-Polish relations, and jointly reflected on the future of Europe.


    One of the most interesting topics for NUBiP students was “Britain after Brexit”. The seminars were conducted in two languages ​​- German and English, and were accompanied by simultaneous translation from one language to another to ensure that each participant fully understood the material and would be able to express his or her opinion after the presentation. The seminars became an extraordinary opportunity for NUBiP students to expand and enrich their knowledge of Europe, its past, present and future.

     The aim of the seminars was to hear the voices of representatives of different parts of the continent, to predict what problems Europe will face next year and to find the solutions to these problems, and according to Sofia and Anastasia, the seminar participants succeeded in achieving these goals.


Sofia Salnyk,
student of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy


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