Exchange of scientific and practical experience in the framework of the V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Inclusive Development of the National Economy: Global Trends, Opportunities of Ukraine and the Role of the Agro-Food Sector"

December 3, 2021

   On November 18-19, 2021, the Production and Investment Management Department held the V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Inclusive Development of the National Economy: Global Trends, Opportunities of Ukraine and the Role of the Agrarian Sector".

   It should be noted that this conference has already become traditional and recognizable among scientists and is held annually in the fall, and well-known representatives of science and business, politicians, statesmen had the opportunity to speak at it for the last five years. At the same time, it is important that students, representatives of the new generation are constantly involved in the conference, who have the opportunity to express their thoughts and views, to participate in discussions of topical issues.

   The event was opened by the moderator of the conference, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia Shynkaruk, who introduced the honored guests and greeted all participants in Ukrainian, English, Polish and Belarusian. Lidiia Shynkaruk also noted that the presence of a wide range of participants confirms the relevance of issues discussed annually at the conference, so the revival of cooperation between scientists from around the world and the elimination of borders is certainly a positive phenomenon and contributes to the development of all countries.

   The Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of NULES of Ukraine, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Vadym Kondratyuk addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. In his speech, Vadym Kondrtyuk emphasized the urgency of the issues to be discussed noting that in conditions when the total population of the Earth is growing, it is necessary to investigate the problems of food security. Vadym Kondratyuk also stressed that the Production and Investment Management Department is a leader among the departments of the university and called for continued work.

   This year, the V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Inclusive Development of the National Economy: Global Trends, Opportunities of Ukraine and the Role of the Agrarian Sector" was held online because of the limitations imposed by the pandemic. However, such a remote format has become commonplace, ceased to be an obstacle to communication, learning and exchange of best practices, and even, conversely, helps to attract an increasingly active audience from around the world. The conference was attended by representatives of the scientific community of Poland, Israel, India, Georgia, in particular, from the Pomeranian Academy (Slupsk, Poland), Haifa University (Israel), AKG Global Support Services (India), Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, Donetsk State University of Management (Mariupol), Institute of Economics of Tbilisi State University named after I. Javakhishvili (Georgia). Members of the Civil Organization "Ecological Club POLE" and the Civil Organization "Ukrainian Women in Agro" also shared their practical experience.

   In her scientific report, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia Shynkaruk highlighted the issue of inclusive growth, which may have ambiguous impact on Ukraine's economy, food security challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic and stimulating the economy with high employment and overcoming poverty. Lidiia Shynkaruk also stressed the need for a rapid transition to a high-tech, socially responsible economic model that will generate high demand for professionals and structural changes in the direction of knowledge-intensive rather than capital-intensive industries and therefore be able to ensure inclusive economic development.

   The report of Doctor of Economics, Professor Olga Popova, who is constantly involved in the development of economic policy at the state level and therefore has considerable experience in inclusion, was extremely interesting. Olga Popova noted that inclusion and the "green course" perfectly "fit" into the concept of Sustainable Development. At the same time, the constraints imposed by the strict requirements of developed countries to ensure sustainable development (decarbonisation, climate neutrality) can become a severe obstacle for developing countries.

   Mr. Amit Goel, Managing Director and Founder of AKG Global Support Services (OPC) Private Limited, Associate Professor of Commerce and Business Management at Lucknow Integral University (India), presented his research on the effects of coronavirus on various sectors of his economy. He focused on the share of individual sectors in the country's GDP, the share of exports and the amount of labor involved. According to him, some sectors of the economy (air transport, tourism) have suffered significantly, while the pharmaceutical industry and the telecommunications industry have even benefitting from the pandemic. Mr. Amit Goel expressed his desire to cooperate with NULES of Ukraine and thanked the Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia Shynkaruk and Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department Marina Dielini for the invitation.

   The achievements of the scientific school of Donetsk State University of Management were presented by Doctor of Economics, Professor Valentyna Dyatlova and her graduate student Iryna Petryk. They demonstrated the level of inclusive development at the regional level.


   Peculiarities of the functioning of the Belarusian economy in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic were covered by Tetyana Teterynets, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University in Minsk. In her report, she focused on the problems of human capital development and presented the results of her basic research. It should be noted that the topic turned out to be so interesting that it provoked a lively discussion immediately after the end of the report.

   Practitioners later joined the discussion. Iryna Melnychenko, CFO of Astra Group Limited International Holding with various fields of activity (development, investment, agriculture, trade) and founder of the Youth Flow Academy business school for young people, spoke interestingly and thoroughly about the development and implementation of social projects. It was also a great pleasure to be joined by Vitaliy Lutskov, Ph.D. His comments were appropriate and reflected the experience gained in practice.


   In general, the conference was held in an atmosphere of creative discussion, exchange of knowledge and opinions. All reports were accompanied by active discussion. Thanks to this, the participants of the event were able to prove themselves as speakers and opponents in the scientific discussion. According to the conference participants, such experience of cooperation in discussing topical issues of economic development is very interesting and useful in terms of professional self-development. Following the event, a collection of scientific papers of the conference will be published.

Therefore, we wish the Production and Investment Management Department further success in the scientific field!

Kateryna Alekseeva,
Associate Professor of Production
and investment management department

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