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 EuroFire A 2 year project from October 2006 to December 2008 funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme. The project brought together partners with international expertise and experience in wildfire and prescribed fire research, management and training to develop, evaluate, produce and distribute new European-wide, multi-lingual on-line training resources.

The EuroFire project researched and reviewed competency based wildfire and prescribed fire training systems, including best practice examples from Europe and around the world. This research informed the production of competency based basic training resources, for use in European countries.

The EuroFire training resources have been specifically developed to support firefighting personnel, the land-based sector, sectoral organisations and education and training institutions.

The EuroFire outputs include: competency standards, training modules, illustrations and general guidance on a competency based training system. Training resources that can be used by industry practitioners to update their knowledge, learn new skills or increase their understanding of basic wildfire and prescribed fire management techniques.

Standard EF1-Ukrainian.pdf

Standard EF2-Ukrainian.pdf

Standard EF4-Ukrainian.pdf

Standard EF6-Ukrainian.pdf


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