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Graduate school is the main form of training of scientific and pedagogical staff.
At the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine the graduate school exists since 1954.
The graduate school of NULES of Ukraine offers off-the-job and on-the-job training.
Individuals recommended for studies at the graduate school by the academic councils of the university are eligible for admission straight after the graduation.
Citizens of other countries can be enrolled to the graduate school on the basis of agreements between the university and ministries, research institutions and higher educational establishments of the corresponding countries or on the basis of international and intergovernmental agreements.
For admission to the graduate school the Admission Committee is created. The Head of the Committee is the Vice-rector on Scientific, Innovative and International Activities. Committee members are chosen among the leading university scientists and heads of research institutes and educational and research institutes of the University and appointed by the Head of the University and the First Vice-Rector.
The Admissions Committee takes a decision on admission of the applicants to entrance examinations and notifies the applicants about the decision in a week’s term. The Admission Committee also has the right to refuse the admittance to exams because of the incomplete or tardy submission of the documents.
Entrance examinations are held by the nominating committee in terms appointed by the Head of the University and the Vice-Rector on Scientific, Innovative and International Activities. The commission consists of qualified professionals (Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences), research advisors in the corresponding fields of study.
Applicants take examinations in the necessary academic disciplines, philosophy and foreign languages within the current program for higher educational establishments.
The results of the entrance examinations are valid for one year. Individuals that fully or partially took PhD examinations are exempt from the corresponding examinations to the graduate school.
Individuals whose mark in the academic discipline is satisfactory cannot be enrolled to the graduate school of the University.
Basing on the results of entrance examinations the Admission Committee takes a decision on each applicant.
The applicant is informed about the decision of the Admission Committee on admission to the graduate school or on refusal in admission in five days’ term. Enrolment is completed by the decree of the Head of the University.
Individuals admitted to the examinations will obtain one-month holiday with preservation of the salary at the workplace. Graduate students who are enrolled to the off-the-job training will be provided with scholarships.
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