Applicants for PhD Degree Who Work on Their Theses beyond Graduate School

Individuals who have higher education and qualification of Specialist or Master in the necessary field of study can be applicants for PhD degree who work on their theses beyond graduate school.
Individuals who previously completed a full course of study in a graduate school cannot have attachment as applicants for PhD degree.
The following documents should be submitted for attachment to the university in order to pass PhD examinations:
  • application addressed to the head of the university;
  • personal record from personnel department with a photo;
  • autobiography;
  • copy of diploma of higher education;
  • references from the current employer;
  • paper;
  • folder.
PhD examinations require payment. The fee is set by the university.
For attachment the applicants for PhD degree submit the following documents:
  • petition from the institution addressed to the head of the university;
  • application for attachment  addressed to the head of the university signed by the expected research advisor and the head of the institute;
  • copy of diploma of higher education certified by the current employer;
  • references from the current employer;
  • certificate about passing PhD examinations (Form No. 2.2);
  • list of scientific works and inventions;
  • paper;
  • folder.
Research advisors usually are Doctors of Sciences. As an exception, the Academic Council can approve Candidate of Sciences as a research advisor.
In a month’s term after attachment applicants have to submit for approval to the department an individual work plan agreed with the research advisor.
Applicants annually report at the department meeting and at the meeting of the Academic Council on the accomplishment of the individual plan and are certified according to the results of the report.
Applicants who do not accomplish their individual plans and have no valid reasons will be expelled under the authority of the research advisor, the department and the institute.


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