Faculty of Construction and Design

Scientific work of students

 Faculty departments have scientific circles, namely: "Computer solid state modeling", "Mechatronics", "Designing machines", "Dynamics of machines", "Lifting and transport mechanisms", "Reliability of technological systems", "Technical creativity", " "The latest technological processes of non-destructive control and defective elements of agricultural machinery", "Interchangeability in modern machine engineering", "Standardization in the field of interchangeability and metrology", "Quality of agricultural machinery", "Repair of engines inside "Combustion", "Improving the reliability of agricultural machinery", "Artistic forging". In academic circles, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, which in turn positively affects the quality of graduate students.

Development of design bureau
"Mobile Medical Hospital" on request of a volunteer group for the treatment of wounded in the ATO zone
In order to ensure the qualitative design of machinery and equipment, as well as to reduce the design time, specialist master's training includes the training of masters in the computer design of agricultural machinery and equipment of the forest complex. Students acquire practical skills from the following commonly used programs: Compass, AutoCad, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, ProEngineering, etc. In developing the design of machines, considerable attention is paid to the use of progressive materials (ceramics, plastics, polyamides), the latest technologies and equipment for engineering design, the transition to a flexible block-modular construction principle using a unified element base. Particular attention is paid to the use of electronic regulation of modes of operation of engines, transmission, hydrosystems using on-board computers.
Students are able to design parts of machines, structures, houses, structures and print their models on a 3D printer.
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