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Title of Research Projects

Chief of Project

Investigation to integrated technologies of cultivation the efficient raw-material plants, its processing and storage according to the agrobioengineering adaptive systems.

Designing of the automatic rate controller for the crop boom-sprayer.

Prof. Voytyuk D.G.

Investigation to the theory of internal combustion engines, viz. gas distribution mechanisms.

Prof. Kovbasa V.P.

Investigation to reliability and competitiveness of agricultural machines.

Prof. Boyko A.I.

Designing of the high-efficient sensors for the soil properties analysis.

Prof. Aniskevych L.V.

Designing of agricultural machines with gravitational and rotary surfaces used for separation, transferring and spreading materials.

Prof. Pylypaka S.F.

Project of the grain transporting technologies for companies with different type of ownership.

Prof. Fryshev S.G.

Elaboration to the categorizer of injury risks to personnel and dangers caused by machines.

Prof. Zapko V.G.

Investigation to technologies of processing biological waste to bio-gas.

Prof. Golub G.A.

Evaluation of integrated processes operation and machines for organic agriculture technologies.

Prof. Golub G.A.

Investigation to the integrated technologies of bio-fuels production at rural areas.

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