Department of Economic Cybernetics


Educational activity: scientific and educational work is provided by 10 employees including two professors: Dr. D. Zherlistyn, Dr. A. Skrypnyk, d.e.n M. Kuzubov, four docents: PhD L.Galayeva, Ph.D. Z.Zhadlun, Ph.D. N. Klimenko, Ph.D. N. Poprozman, four senior lecturers: Ph.D. E. Dolinska, Ph.D T. Koval, N.Rogoza, N. Shulga. Professors’ staff of the department provides training of specialists in the following disciplines: "Economic Cybernetics", "Computer Sciences", "Finance and Credit", "Accounting and Audit", "Economics of Enterprise", "Management", "Marketing".

Today, as part of Ukrainian Education and Research Institute of Dataware and Telecommunication Support of Agroindustrial and Nature Conservative Branches of Economy, the Department prepares young specialists with the specialization "Bachelor" field of study 6.030502 – "Economical cybernetics" and level "Master" specialty 8.03050201 – "Economic Cybernetics".

This specialization students learn in the context of master's programs:
Production – "Economic modelling"; Research – "Prediction of social and economic processes."
During the existence of the department of "Economic Cybernetics" , more than 40 specialists and masters have graduated with the specialization "Economic Cybernetics".

Experts of the Department provide teaching of the following subjects, " Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics", "Optimization Methods and Models", "Prediction of social and economic processes," Econometrics "Risk study", "Economic Cybernetics", "Operations Research", "Modelling of the economy" "Mathematical model of transformation economy", "Modelling of economic dynamics", "Modelling of system characteristics in the economy" and others.


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