Department of Pedagogy

Адреса: 15 Heroyiv Oborony str., educational building 3, room 111, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Тел.: +38(044)527-83-55

Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Head of Department of Pedagogy :
Ruslan V. Sopivnyk

Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, associate professor



The department of Pedagogy  trains lecturers of higher agrarian educational institutions,  pedagogical culture and advanced training for teachers who do not have basic pedagogic education.    
Staff of the Department of Pedagogy
Doctors of sciences – professor Zaichenko I., associate  professor Sopivnyk R., assosiate professor Kruchek V., candidate of sciences - associate professors Butsyk I., Vasiuk O., Vyhovscka S., Kalenskyi A., Matsenko L., Tesliuk V.).
The main objectives of the Department
1. to organize  educational, methodological, organizational and educational activities with students of extra mural, full-time, and external forms of education at faculties of educationl, jurisprudence, forestry, engeneering of agrobiosystems and other subdivisions.
2. to carry out scientific research in priority scientific directions, to introduce the results into production and educational process.
3. Training, retraining and advanced training of academic and teaching staff.
4. to create and systematically renew and upgrade scientific and laboratory base, methods of experimental research, technical ways of education.
5. to organize educational process directed at training highly qualified workers.
6. to provide teaching of the disciplines for students of education and qualification level “Bachelor” in the field of study “Social pedagogy” ; education and qualification level “Master” in specialty “Pedagogy of higher school” ; education and qualification level “Specialist” in specialty “Professional education” (extra mural form of education).
Main directions of scientific researches
Department carries out scientific research ino the direction “Actual problems of modern pedagogy.
Educational activity
Education and research workers provide lectures, laboratory classes, practical and individual classes, seminars,  and consultations at faculties of: Education, Agricultural Mechanization, Electrification, Land Management and Jurisprudence;

give training sessions, individual assignments, organize independent work of students, practical training and assessment.

Scientific and innovation activity
The theme of the initiative subject: “ Theoretical and methodological basics of using innovative pedagogical technologies for training specialists at higher educational institutions” (№0108U004905).
Scientific-methodological seminar
“Methodology of educational work for tutors of a student group ”



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