Department of English Philology

Адреса: General Rodimtceva str., 19, studying building № 1, rooms 25, 18, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Тел.: (044) 527-81-44, 527-81-83

Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Head of Department (в.о.):
Klymenko Liudmyla

Senior Lecturer


Welcome students, colleagues, visitors,

Today more than ever it is essential for internationally oriented students and academics to be able to speak a foreign language, and English in particular. We are thrilled with your interest in learning English with us and look forward to sharing all that we have to offer.

Department facts and information
The Department boasts over 50 years of expertise in the area of foreign language teaching and learning.
Established in 1954 as the Department of Foreign Languages, it split into two departments (the English Department and the French and German Department) in 1976. Since 2002 the Department has got its current name.
We are a team of 17 members devoted to teaching, research, and service to their discipline, the Institute and University.

Mission statement

We deploy communicative, student-oriented approach, make use of up-to-date media, offer profession-specific information, and strategies for independent learning to support the academic process.
We strive for more quality in training students by working out subject-specific courses leading to a Bachelor’s or Master's degree and by developing a system of quality management in teaching.


Klimenko Lyudmila Volodymirivna, senior lecturer
Viktoria Diomina, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor
Natalia Kharchuk, senior lecturer
Olena Dubovyk, senior lecturer
Liudmyla Klymenko, senior lecturer
Iryna Rozghon, senior lecturer
Iryna Chernelia, senior lecturer
Natalia Yamnych, senior lecturer
Liudmyla Shanaieva-Tsymbal senior lecturer
Svitlana Kachmarchyk, senior lecturer
Svitlana Khrystuk, candidate of historical sciences, senior lecturer

Educational work
We offer high-quality academic foreign language courses, including subject-specific courses, at various levels. Our courses are aimed at students of all disciplines as well as staff who wish to develop sufficient knowledge of English to express themselves confidently and appropriately in everyday, study-related or professional situations.

Disciplines and courses
The department offers high-quality, accessible, student-focused and subject-specific courses leading to a Bachelor’s or Master's degree, namely English and Business English for students majoring in
 Agricultural Management,
 Business Administration,
 Marketing,
 Economics of Enterprises,
 Finance and Credit,
 Audit and Accounting,
 Ecology,
 Law,
 Social Pedagogy,
 Economic Cybernetics.

The Department staff provides the students with relevant authentic academic books and a number of learning materials collected and published by the staff in recent years.
We are happy to answer any questions and advise you on any problems you may have regarding language learning.

Scientific and innovation work, research
The staff is actively engaged in research and practical teaching on the theme: "Formation of the English language communicative competence of students of economic specialties".
The research undertaken by the staff is solving vital problems for Ukrainian economy – to contribute to our country’s admission to European community and to prepare the future labor force for building  sustainable  economy in Ukraine.
Currently, three members of the Department are engaged in writing PhD theses:
S. Kachmarchyk (supervisor: prof. S. Amelina, NULESU), A. Maneliuk (supervisor: prof. S. Amelina) and L. Klimenko (supervisor prof. N. Ridei, NMU)
The Department provides innovative training services, organizes annual English-language contests for the students of all faculties and student scientific conferences "English – the language of international communication".

Cultural and social work
Our English teacher team supports students in developing their language competences by holding a series of talks, round tables and debates on various current topics:
The secret of success in the business world.
Leadership and Business.
What makes a good manager?
Business ethics
Management styles.
Cross-cultural insight.
Tolerance. Intercultural sensitivity.
Higher education in Ukraine: the advantages and disadvantages within the Bologna process.
National stereotypes. Intercultural competence as a way to overcome them.
The consequences of globalization in the modern world, etc.

International activity and partners
The staff extends their international relations through the exchange of scientific and practical experience with foreign counterparts in international scientific conferences, symposia, through publishing the results of the research  in international journals.

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