Separated Subdivision NULESU «Nemishaevo Agricultural College»

Адреса: Technikumivska Street,4 Nemishayeve – 1, Borodianka district, Kyiv region 07854

Тел.: (04577) 41-4-55, (04577) 41-7-55

Електронна пошта: [email protected]


Aliokhin Volodymyr Illich

The Candidate of agricultural sciences, PD in the branch of State Management



Conducts training at the following departments:

·         “Veterinary medicine”;

·        “Agrarian business ”;

·        “Production and processing of livestock products”;

·        “Exploitation and repair of machinery and equipment for agroindustrial production”;

·        “Mounting, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment in agroindustrial complex”;

·        and on the cycle commissions:

Cycle commission of natural and mathemathic disciplines and information technologies 

Cycle commission of social-humanitarian disciplines


Cycle comission of physical education 



Entering in the Structural Division of National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine Nemishayeve agrotechnical college  gives the opportunity to get educational qualification degrees “Junior Specialists” and “Bachelor” and continue further education in National University of Life and Environmental Sciences.


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