Department of Geodesy and Cartography

Head of department:
Kovalchuk Ivan

Doctor of Geography, Professor


The department provides training:

  •     Bachelor students  by specalties  "Geodesy and land management"; "Forestry and Horticulture"; "Civil Engineering", "Tourism";
  •    Master students by programs "Geodesic-mapping technology in land management" by specialty "Geodesy and land management";
  •     Candidates economic and geographical sciences on specialty 08.00.06 - Economics of Natural Resources and Environment and 11.00.01 - physical geography, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes.

    Department staff provide teaching these subjects:
  •     for Bachelor level: topography, geodesy (for students of land management, forestry, and landscape management faculties), engineering geodesy (for the Faculty of Engineering agrobiosystems), topographical and land management drawings, surveying, mathematical processing of geodetic measurements, higher geodesy, satellite geodesy and spheric astronomy, electronic surveying instruments, cartography;
  •     for Master level: computer technologies in cartography, land use mapping supply , survey and mapping supply, thematic mapping, geo-modeling methodology for transformation processes modeling in cartography (land management), national infrastructure of geospatial data, mapping of natural resources.


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