Department of Romanic and Germanic Languages and Translation

Address: 19 Heroyiv Oborony str., educational building 1, room 23, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Tel.: (044) 527-85-95

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Nikolenko A. G.

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor


General information
The Department of Romanic and Germanic Languages and Translation was established in 2010 as a merger of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, formed in 2008, and the Department of German and French Languages founded back in 1973.

The Department staff:
2 visiting doctors and professors – Denisova S.P. (Kyiv National Linguistic University), Valigura O.R. (Kyiv National Linguistic University);
9 Associate professors − Nikolenko A.G., Sydoruk G.I., Zhukova L.V., Dima G.M., Kozub L.S., Babenko O.V., Babchenko N.V., Tarasova V.V., Kondratyuk L.M. ;
2 Senior Lecturers − Zuyenko N.O., Kononchuk I.V., Moskalenko S.A., Musiychuk S.M., Rudnytska N.A., Prytula L.P. ;
4 Assistants – Kanivets O.M., Kolesnik M.J., Pilipenko O.P., Dembrovska O.B.

Educational activities
The Department provides training for Bachelor’s Degree in Philology for the students majoring in translation from English and German.
The Department also provides training in German and French for full-time and part-time students for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in following directions of study:
• Economic specialty
• Marketing
• International Management
• Law
• Agronomy
• Fruit and Vegetable Growing
• Veterinary Medicine
• Forestry and Horticulture
• Forestry and Wood Processing
• Food Technology and Engineering
• Water Bioresources and Aquaculture
• The Processes, Machines and Euipment of Agricultural Production
• Mechanical Engineering
• Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
• Electrical Engineering
• Transportation Technology

Research and innovation activities
The Department focuses on the following areas of methodological work:
• contemporary methodological support of training;
• implementation of information technology training;
• differentiated approach to teaching students foreign languages;
• students scientific and research conferences;
The Department annually holds international scientific and practical conference “Actual Issues of Modern Philology” and scientific-methodical seminar. The staff systematically improve their professional skills at seminars offered by British Counsel, Goethe Institute and the Embassy of France in Ukraine.
The Department has Research and Consulting Center (RCC) to prepare graduates for entrance examinations (in English, German and French) to post-graduate studies and to train post-graduate students for taking PhD examinations in English, German and French. RCC is also provides courses of foreign languages (in English, German, French) for students.
RCC was established in 2001 and now is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Nikolenko A.G.
RCC cooperates in the preparation and delivery of tests for post-graduate studies with the following scientific and research institutions of Ukraine:
• Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
• Ukrainian Research and Training Center for Standards, Certification and Quality of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
• Ukrainian Research Institute of the Sugar Beet;
• Ukrainian Research Institute for Agricultural Radionology of Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine;
• Institute of Fisheries;
• Institute of Potato;
• State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains.

International events and links
The Department cooperates with the following universities: University Humboldt, (Berlin); University of Applied Sciences (Anhalt, Bernburg city); University of Applied Sciences (Vayyenshtefen); University of Hannover (Hannover); Dresden Technical University (Dresden).
Federation of Exchanges France - Ukraine (FEFU) and the Association “Friendship Without Borders” offer internships and training in France.
Internships for students in France include:
I level Internship: free trial internship in family farms for 2-3 months;
II Level Internship: 2-month vocational training in enterprises;
III level Internship: training in a higher agricultural education institution.
The Department annually prepares undergraduate and graduate students of NUBiP Ukraine in English, German and French languages for the practice and study abroad.
An Agreement was signed on cooperation between the university and ENFA (National School of Agricultural Education in Toulouse) on December 5, 2007. Thanks to the Agreement between NUBiP Ukraine and National School of Agronomic Education in Toulouse (France), the Department runs Ukrainian-French linguistic center.

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