Department of Vegetable Crops


In order to improve teaching and research department of vegetable cooperates with the head of the storage and processing of agricultural raw materials and food quality, Deputy Academician Secretary of the Department, a corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine Khareba VV, director of the Kiev Institute of Vegetable Research Station and Melons Naan Ukraine Horkutsenkom OV, director of joint-stock company «Kiev vegetable factory" candidate of agricultural sciences AM Bilohubovoyu, academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Plant" Greenhouse "VI Chernyshenko, vice-president of the Association "Ukrainian Association of producers and processors of soybeans," the candidate of agricultural sciences, VA Sun and many other firms and enterprises.

For the research department has close links with many institutions of Ukraine - Institute of Vegetables and Melons NAAS of Ukraine, Institute of Southern Vegetable and Melon NAAS of Ukraine, Kyiv Experimental Station IOB Skvirske Experimental Station of the Institute of Agroecology NAAS of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Experimental Station IOB, research station "Mayak" IOB, Union "Sortnasinnyeovoch" Ukrainian Association of Vegetable and Potato. Collaboration enables to conduct scientific research and implement research results into production.

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