Department of Vegetable Crops


Patent for utility model:

  1. A method of growing seedlings horschechkovoyi melon, cucumber and watermelon with plastic tabs to fully preserve the root system during planting (Authors: Kubrak SM, Cych ZD, Bobos IM);
  2. Method of determining the timing of the release cloves of garlic from winter dormancy using artificial germination cloves in glass jars (Authors: L. Kapustin, Z. Sych, Barabash AU);
  3. Method of grafting tomatoes on special rootstocks Byufort and RZ 61-53 using special holders (authors: Barabash, A., Ilyuk NA).
  4. Method Express - definition of resistance breeding numbers melons against disease by summer sowing seeds freshly (Authors: Z. Sych, Sydorko IV, Palinchak OV);
  5. Annually, the Department published a series of teaching materials listed disciplines. Our publications are published in scientific journals, magazines "Ovoschevodstvo", "The owner hereby", "gardener", "NESKUCHNYI Garden" and others.


In recent years, published four books and monographs:

  1. Biological basis Vegetable (Authors: O. Barabash, Taranenko LK, Sych Z.) - K. Aristei, 2005;
  2. Harmony vegetable beauty and benefits (writing team Sych Z. Sych and IM.) - K. Aristei, 2005;
  3. Short Encyclopedic Dictionary of vegetable. - K.: Institute of Agricultural Economics, 2006;
  4. Caring for vegetable crops (authors of Barabash, A., Sych Z., socks VL) - Kyiv - Bershad, 2008.


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