Department of Botany, Dendrology and Forest Tree Breeding

Educational and scientific research laboratories

At the Department is  created and functioning three teaching laboratories:

Laboratory "Dendrology and Forest tree breeding" (2009)

Main tasks: to solve a number of issues related to dendrological and breeding research of tree plants, to provide students of the University with workplaces equipped with modern equipment, methodical and reference literature, creation of safe working conditions in the workplaces in according to requirements of the current legislation etc.
Responsible person is Senior lecturer Maria Dubchak

Educational and scientific laboratory "Introduction and biodiversity of tree plants" (2009)

Main tasks: solving complex of issues related to the introduction, adaptation and biodiversity of tree plants, studying and conducting scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department at a high educational and methodological level of laboratory and practical classes in accordance with the existing curricula and the schedule of the educational process. Implementation of systematic updating and improvement of the educational laboratory equipment, technical approaches of training, computerization of the educational process etc.

Responsible person is Senior lecturer Maria Dubchak

Study-Research and Production Laboratory of Dendrology, plant introduction and breeding of Wood Plants (2014)

The main tasks are to unite the efforts of the scientific and pedagogical and scientific staff of the Department, scientific and technical staff, doctoral students, postgraduates, students  in order to develop scientific and introduction in the production of practical developments of the Department, providing advisory and practical assistance to individuals.

Responsible person Assoc. Prof. Svitlana Bilous

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