Department of Botany, Dendrology and Forest Tree Breeding

Scientific work

      Main scientific fields:
  • Botany field and laboratory work
  • Studying of woody plants introduction with using modern methods;
  • Studying of bioecological characteristics of woody plants;
  • Improving of implementation selection of forest tree species ;
  • Biotechnological methods of plant proragation;
  • Ecology of forest tree species;
  • Solving ecological and environmental problems of tree plants.
   The results of scientific research are published in numerous scientific articles, brochures and monographs
   Research work is sanctified to the theoretical and technological events of recreation, restoration of natural complexes of Forest-steppe of Ukraine, development of technologies of growing and introduction medical plants, forage kinds with the aim of sustainabilyty of natural and anthropogenic lands and protect biodiversity from natural lands include forests vegetation. On a department the scientific laboratory of "Geobotany and morphogeny of plants" of y works that students and graduate students execute scientific researches.
    A department is conduct preparation of graduate and doctorant students.


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