Department of Botany, Dendrology and Forest Tree Breeding

Educational work

Department provides educational process in the specialties:
101 - Ecology
193 - Geodesy and land management
201 - Agronomy
202 - Plant protection and quarantin
203 - Gardening and viticulture
205 - Forestry
206 - Park gardening

List of disciplines

Bachelor Degree:

"Decorative dendrology"
"Forest tree breeding and genetic"
"Tree breeding and genetic of decorative tree plants"
"Introduction and adaptation of ornamental plants"

Master Degree:

"Form diversity of woody plants"
"Recultivation of breaking landscapes"
       The department provides educational, research, organizational, methodical, educator works and introductions of developments in practice and educational process.
       The basic tasks of department is preparation of specialists of bachelor and master's degree from 16 disciplines, 4 from that is taught by English.
       In a last period a department is published over 100 names of methodological literature, that gave an opportunity to a full degree to provide an educational process from a botany, geobotany, dendrology, tree breeding, carpology, cytologies of plants, medical plant-growing etc.
 Teaching Practice of Botany and Pratice classes from Dendrology
Educational practice for students into Botanical garden of National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine (2017)
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