Department of Landscape Architecture and Phytodesign

Scientific and research work

One of the main tasks of the department's scientific activity is to perform research work. Since 2007, the department developed budget applied research work as well as a number of topics on the order of institutions of Nature Reserve Fund, forestry enterprises and enterprises of greenery management.

The main themes of research, postgraduate's and master's works:

  • creation of phytocompositions with decorative plants;
  • introduction, acclimatization of new species and forms to implement them in production,
  • using of floristic technologies,
  • studying rare species with purposes of preserve them in artificial conditions,
  • research phytodiversity and territorial organization Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine.

The department trains post-graduate specialties:

  • 06.03.01 - forest plantations and phytomelioration (biological sciences);
  • 06.03.03 - forest ecology and silviculture (biological sciences);
  • 206 - Horticulture.

The department operates student scientific group - "Learning to bequeath parks."

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