Department of Landscape Architecture and Phytodesign

Educational work

The department trains specialists in environmental and agroindustrial sectors and teaches 14 courses for full-time, part-time and external studies on second higher education for qualification levels "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master".

The list of disciplines:

  • floriculture,
  • meadow growing and lawns,
  • topiary art,
  • floristic arrangements,
  • natural reserves management,
  • basics of ecology and environmental protection,
  • ornamental plants of greenhouses,
  • phytodesign of interiors,
  • greenhouse management,
  • sorts and seeds of ornamental plants.

Research and teaching stuff of the department also trains students of master's program "Ornamental Horticulture". 

Annually the department graduates about 30 bacelors, 20 masters and 1-2 postgraduate students.


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