Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening

International activity and Partners

Development of International programs is one of priority of the Institute. Participation of leading scientists of the Institute in various international conferences and symposia, faculty internships abroad and student exchange with European and the US forestry universities provides for a high level of expertise of faculty and training of students and are an effective means towards the integration of the education and scientific activities of the Institute to the global system of forestry education. The main directions of international cooperation at the Institute are faculty and student exchange, participation in international joint research projects and programs on biodiversity protection, climate change impact on forests, wildfires impact, forest certification and forest management. It allows to provide a support of the transition of forest management in Ukraine towards sustainable forest management in accordance with international agreements and resolutions. The Institute collaborates with number institutions: IIASA, Sweden University of Agricultural Sciences, Yale University, Pennsylvania State University, Freiburg University, The Hudson Institute, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Czech Institute of Forest management and others.

Professors and teaching staff of the Institute actively involved in research in the framework of international projects, including programs in the pan-European or global level.

Recent projects that Institute participated:

  • Project supported by the EU FP7 “Biomass energy for Europe”;
  • FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES. Project GESAPU # 247645.Title “Geoinformation Technologies, Spatio-Temporal Approaches, and Full Carbon Account for Improving Accuracy of GHG Inventories”;
  • The European Union’s Tacis Programme “Development of a Strategic Programme for Socio-Economic Development of the Chornobyl Region in the Vicinity of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone”;
  • Innovative research project “Decreasing risks of catastrophic fires in the exclusion zone” with Yale University, Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) under the CoE, OSCE, UN ISDR and other institutions;
  • Project "System of differentiated forest management in forest ecosystems in the Ukrainian Carpathians”, Czech Republic – Ukraine.


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