Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management

Educational work

The Institute provides a continuous, holistic and integrated educational process for the training of specialists for career in forestry, forest industry and landscape-park management by two level graduation system. The educational conception of the Institute consists of different qualification levels for public and private sectors of Ukraine and other countries. Graduate students of forestry schools of the first and second levels of accreditation continue studies for getting degree of Bachelor of Forestry or Wood Processing. A Bachelor degree can be attained after two more years of study. Students already in the forestry workforce can improve their qualification by part-time education at the Lubny and Malyn Forestry Colleges over the course of three years. The best graduating students of the Institute are in a position to continue their studies in Masters and Post-Graduate programs. In the Institute courses are offered for day and distance learning for students receiving government stipends and for those attending on contract basis.

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