Department of Agrobiotechnology

Address: 03041, Kyiv, str. Heroes Oborony, 13, building № 4, r. 77.

Tel.: (044) 527-88-47

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of the Department (в.о.):
Lisovyi Mykola

Doctor of agricultural sciences, senior research fellow


Educational and methodogical work. The chair including: head of the chair, doctor of agricultural sciences, lecturer Lisovyi Mykola, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Tarhonya Vasyl, candidate of agricultural sciences, lecturer Antipov Igor, candidate of biological sciences, lecturer Lobova Oksana, head of the laboratory Veremiy Elena, laboratory assistant Gryzinskyi Sergey, Mazur Myroslava.

The department consists of: two laboratories – “Laboratory of plant virology”, “Laboratory of applied biotechnology in agriculture”, educational-research and production laboratory "Agricultural biotechnology” and educational and research field “Hop Garden”.

The main aim of the department is training specialists of agriculture in the field of biotechnology and bioengineering of plants to solve complex tasks with the organization and production of high quality plant products, and consulting activities for the work in agricultural enterprises of any form of ownership, research institutes and laboratories of agricultural profile, breeding centers, information and advisory services, higher educational institutions that require fundamental and professional training.

The department of agricultural biotechnology provides education in the direction like:  "Biotechnology", "Ecology, environmental protection and sustainable using of natural resources", "Agriculture", "Finance and credit",Business economics”, "Marketing", "Management", "Plant protection", EQL "Bachelor", "Master" at the faculties of Biotechnology, Ecology and sustainable, Agricultural biology, Plant protection, Agricultural management, Economics.

The chair conducts course work, thesis design of Biotechnology, Ecology and sustainable, Agricultural biology.

Employees of the department performing scientific researches in the academic subjects. Priority research areas are:

-         Development of complex biotechnological plant protection based on entomological and biological agents (responsible persons are Prof. Tarhonya Vasyl);

-         Establishment of diagnostic tools for identifying major viruses of crops and improvement a planting material (responsible person lecturer Antipov Igor);

The chair has two student scientific circles - "Agricultural biotechnology" (supervisor, lecturer Lobova Oksana) and "Virology" (supervisor, lecturer Antipov Igor).

The department collaborates with the Institute of Agricultural physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Lublin, Poland).


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