Margarita Vinogradova duly presented the university at the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in French

21 липня 2017 року

     The faculty of foreign philology gathered students from the whole territory, who are admirers of the Francophonie. During the three days II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the discipline "French Language" for students of "non-native" faculties continued.
     26 young people showed their knowledge. The geography of the participants of the Olympiad was very diverse: students and their academic leaders from Kyiv, Odesa, Sumy, Kryvy Rih, Rivne and others came to ZNU. Of course, representatives of our university took part in intellectual competitions. Among the participants of the Olympiad was a student of the faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy Margarita Vinogradova.

   Young people were waiting for difficult tests. They had to write a lexical-grammar test, go through the auditions and write a written transcript of the listened test. They also presented the members of the jury of highly qualified French report, compiled in advance at home.
    Despite the rich competition program, the guests of the city also waited for a rich cultural and entertainment program, during which they were better able to get acquainted not only with the campus, but also with Zaporozhye.

   The culmination of the Olympiad was summing up and defining the winners. The award ceremony was prepared as a festive concert program. Margarita Vinogradova has not won up to three winners, having taken fifth place. However, next year, she is convinced, thorough preparation and will to win will bear fruit.
   Students and their scientific leaders left the words of sincere gratitude and admiration in the "Guestbook of the Faculty". In addition, they thanked the organizers, assured that staying on the land of Zaporizhia left them the most pleasant impression.

Yaroslav Rudik,

Deputy Dean of the faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy



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