A meeting of two legal systems – Italian and Ukrainian

9 листопада 2016 року

    The 5th International Research and Practice Conference “Present-day Tendencies to the Development of National Legislation” on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Law Faculty took place at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine on the 4th of November, 2016.

     The topics of the conference interested not only Ukrainian scientists but also famous scientists from Italy. In the frame of partnership with University of Foggia and upon an initiative of Oleksandra Shynkaruk, Associate Professor of Civil and Commercial Law Department and Antonio Colavecchio, Professor in Administrative Law at University of Foggia, a delegation from Italy was invited: Franco Gaetano Scoca, Professor Emeritus in Administrative Law (University of Rome “La Sapienza”); Loredana Giani, Full Professor in Administrative Law (University of L’Aquila); Annarita Iacopino, research scientist in Administrative Law (University of L’Aquila) and Chiara Cacciavillani, Full Professor in Administrative Law (University of Padova).

     Franco Gaetano Scoca, professor Emeritus in Administrative Law (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) and the head of Italian delegation, greeted the participants of the International conference. He expressed the hope that the first visit of their delegation wouldn’t be a one-time event but would become a heart-warming tradition that would promote cooperation between Italian and Ukrainian legal systems. Professor Franco Scoca gave an introductory report on the principal reforms of Italian legal system to the audience.

     Annarita Iacopino, research scientist in Administrative Law (University of L’Aquila) introduced a report on procedural simplification and liberalization. She specifically focused on the issue of sensitive interest limits which call for special attention.

     A number of topics of mutual interest to the legal systems of Italy and Ukraine require further investigation.

Oleksandra Shynkaruk, associate professor
of Сivil and Сommercial Law Department

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