Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy provides "double degree" training program and internship in Poland

30 червня 2016 року

Newsletter on "double degree" training program and internship.
Meeting the interests and needs of Ukrainian students, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NUBiPof Ukraine) signed an agreement on cooperation with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland) and invites students to participate in an international double degree program.
Slupskis an ancient town near the Baltic Sea with rich history and culture. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations withsuperb architectural monuments, well-developed infrastructure and entertainment facilities. Slupsk harmoniously combines the pace of modern European town and yet retains a sense of peace and purity of ancient traditions.
Pomeranian Academy in Slupskis a renowned institution in Europe, which provides training in specialties pedagogy, social work, philology etc.
The Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogyprovides training in specialties "Social work", "Philology" with an opportunity to take double degree program in the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk. Upon graduation, you will obtain two diplomas - Ukrainian and European diploma (Polish). You will study for three years (one semester in Ukraine and one semester in Poland, respectively).
Languages of instruction are Polish and Ukrainian. The students will have an opportunity to attend free courses of the Polish language at the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk.
Tuition fee per semester is 400 €, for the whole period of study - 1.200 € (there is an option of monthly fee - 100 €). The students are provided with accommodation - 72 € per month (three-person rooms with a fridge, kettle, etc.).
There are libraries, modern laboratories with up-to-date equipment, gyms, student canteen etc.
The city offers various opportunities for studentemployment.The university, on its part, creates optimal conditions for the students to combine learning, gaining professional and practical experience as well as travelling.
A standard European diploma opens doors to the European labor market.
The students of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy have an opportunity to take a free one-semester internship in the specialty "Philology" and "Social Work" in the Polish university while being enrolledatNUBiPof Ukraine, too.
Training is conducted in the following fields of study:
Education and Philosophy
• Music
• Pedagogy
• Philosophy
• Sociology and Social Work
Philology and History
• History and Political Science
• Neophilology
• Polish Philology
• National security
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
• Biology and Environment Protection
• Physics
• Geography and Regional Studies
• Maths
• Health Sciences

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