Call for Presentations - EFI Young Scientists Session: "Building the future"

January 22, 2014
Spain, Bilbao

EFI is in the process of developing new instruments to support a new generation of forest scientists in Europe who can better address emerging scientific challenges and policy questions. Summer schools and Short Scientific Visits will be part of EFI portfolio. In addition, a specific young scientist session will be organised within each EFI Annual Conference to provide an opportunity to the new generation of forest scientists to present their work to EFI Network. The first session will take place during the 2014 Annual Conference in Bilbao on 10 September 2014.

The session will provide young scientists with an opportunity to present their ongoing contributions to forest research. 5 young scientists will be selected according to the scientific innovation, policy relevance and interdisciplinary nature of the work. All accepted applicants will have an opportunity to display their posters in the Young Scientists Session on 10 September 2014 while the 5 winning scientists are invited to give an oral presentation of their work to the EFI Network in this session.

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