Visit of the Delegation from the Republic of Lithuania to NULES of Ukraine

June 3, 2013

     On May 23, 2013, the management of NULES of Ukraine held a meeting with the representative delegation from the Republic of Lithuania, which was headed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ritis Shatkauskas.

     Representatives from Lithuania examined the Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products. The Head of the Laboratory, S.D. Melnychuk, dwelled upon the opportunities of the university in control over food quality and described the research conducted by the laboratory. Responding to the questions of the delegation, S.D. Melnychuk mentioned that 200 employees of the laboratory conduct research in two main areas – fundamental and current research, as well as provide services according with agreements.

     The Deputy Head of the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania, Zenonas Stanyavichyus, presented the state system of sanitary and veterinary control, which allows to control the production of food goods from the fields/farms to store shelves. This system is organized in such a way that the distance to the nearest laboratory is less than 100 km.

     The Head of the university, Academician, D.O. Melnychuk highlighted the possibility of cooperation between the university and scientists from the Republic of Lithuania, which could include common research and training of the staff. Lithuanian party emphasized the interest in cooperation with the university, particularly in staff training and research in the field of aquaculture.

     The parties reached a preliminary agreement on the development of bilateral cooperation.

A. Bobrovytskyy,
Head of the Centre for International Activities

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