Anniversary Meeting

April 25, 2013

On April 17-20, the 10th Anniversary Meeting of the Council of Rectors of leading agrarian universities of the CIS was held at the Azerbaijan State Agrarian University (Ganja).

Representatives of agrarian universities dwelled upon their accomplishments and achievements and shared valuable experience. The speech of the Head of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Dmytro O. Melnychuk, aroused deep interest among the participants of the meeting. Dmytro Oleksiyovych revealed the main aspects of the development of NULES of Ukraine and its research status. The Head of the university paid close attention to the peculiarities of branched structure of the university and to extension of fields of study included into bachelor and master programmes. Dmytro Oleksiyovych focused on the quality of research conducted at the university and highlighted the achievements of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, that not only provide training of nearly 40,000 students doing master (45 specialties) and bachelor (25 fields of study) programmes, but also support and develop cultural and sports life of the university. The participants were impressed by the achievements of NULES of Ukraine, its membership in 21 international organizations and participation in 42 international projects and programmes.

Accomplishments of the university kindled the interest of senior officials and heads of the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan, including the Minister of Agriculture, Ismet Abasov, Chief Executive of Ganja, Elmar Veliev and others. Dmytro Oleksiyovych warmly invited his colleagues to take part in the international conference devoted to the 115th anniversary of NULES of Ukraine and 15th anniversary of GCHERA, which will be held on November 4-7, 2013.

Speech of Dmytro O. Melnychuk is available at:


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