Participation of NUBiP of Ukraine in 17th Ukrainian National Quality Competition

October 16, 2012


For the second time National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine took part in the Ukrainian National Quality Competition conducted by the Ukrainian Quality Association and the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The competition is supported by the Government of Ukraine and the European Organization for Quality.
During 17 years the best companies of Ukraine of any form of ownership and scope of activities are competing for recognition of business excellence. Ukrainian National Competition bases upon an excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), which defines that excellence is the essential foundation for managing the organization and achieving results. The fundamental concepts of excellence are the underlying principles of the EFQM Excellence Model which are as following:
·         Sustaining Outstanding Results; 
·         Adding Value for Customers; 
·         Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity; 
·         Managing with Agility; 
·         Succeeding through the Talent of People; 
·         Harnessing Creativity & Innovation; 
·         Creating a Sustainable Future; 
·         Developing Organisational Capability. 
Participation in the Competition allows to understand and master modern European approaches to the business, to identify strengths and weaknesses, to develop an improvement program.
By the order of the Head of NUBiP of Ukraine all data about effectiveness of current university quality management system were submitted to the competition committee. Within 2 days (October, 11-12) a team of experts checked the accuracy of the data and evaluated the accomplishment of the EFQM excellence model demands.
During the first day meetings with the heads and employees of the following departments took place:
·         the head of the university;
·         Vice-Rector for Academic, Culture and Educational Activities;
·         Vice-Rector- Chief Secretary of Scientific Council;
·         Education and Research Institute of Plant Science, Environment and Biotechnology;
·         Department of Biotechnology;
·         Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Standards and Environmentally-Safe and Organic Products Technology;
·         Planning and Financial Department;
·         Personnel Centre;
·         Department of Occupational Safety and Health;
·         Educational and Research Center for International Activities;
·         Anatomical museum of V. G. Kasyanenko Department of Animal Anatomy;
·         Education and Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Quality and Safety of Animal Products.
The second day started with a meeting of the experts and the First Vice-Rector of the university. During the day the experts visited following departments:
·         Students’ organization of NUBiP of Ukraine;
·         Academic Department;
·         Scientific and Research Department;
·         Golosiivska teaching and research apiary;
·         Research Library;
·         Ukrainian Education and Research Institute of Data and Telecommunication Support;
·         Educational and Research Centre of Cultural, Educational and Social Work;
·         Education and Research Institute of Energetics and Automatics;
·         Education and Research Institute of Business;
·         Department of Quality Management.
The final results will be announced by the Central Competition Committee on October 23, 2012.
Training Research and Production Center of International Standardization of Agricultural and Environmental Technologies, Raw Materials and Goods expresses sincere gratitude to the leaders and staff of the abovementioned departments for their assistance in preparation of warm reception of the experts of the Ukrainian National Quality Competition and qualified presentation of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

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