NUBIP and European presence: growing collaboration between academia & business

September 20, 2019

    NUBiP teacher, Oksana Chaika, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Germanic and Romance languages and translation, took part in 2019 EMEA Audit Centre Update (CaseWare & Data Analytics). The event was held in Rome on September 10-11, 2019, preceding the Audit Partners’ Meeting of the Crowe Global accountancy and consulting network. This year, CaseWare Update was combined with the sessions of the Crowe Audit Centre. The sessions focused primarily on data analytics and ways to balance the seemingly infinite technology capabilities with the need to perform an efficient audit.

    The sessions aimed to advance Strategic Initiative of the Crowe Global network, namely to boost technology, innovation, transformation and efficiency. According to Oksana Chaika, it was a great opportunity to share experiences with counterparts.

    Afterwards, Oksana Chaika participated in the EMEA Auditors’ meeting, aimed at developing business and academic relations. Every company member of the EMEA Region with an audit practice is recommended to participate. The meeting provides audit partners from the EMEA Region with the opportunity to meet and discuss business development opportunities, grow presence of Crowe Global in the EMEA region, as well as foster academic culture for further growth of cooperation between European universities. Networking and building business relations are the main purposes of the meeting. As a result, NUBiP of Ukraine is negotiating several cooperation agreements with a few business entities and also with Sapienza University of Rome.

Oksana Chaika

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