Professor of Pennsylvania State University Richard Steihauer participated in International USDA Field Soil Training

July 9, 2019
    Teachers of the Agrobiological Faculty and students of the Faculty of Land Management and Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology underwent the summer training “US Approach to Soil Profile Description: Field Practicum” at the Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation and Agronomic Research Station of NUBiP of Ukraine.

    Its purpose was to present USDA standard approaches to description of landscapes and natural factors of soil formation, assessment of the degree of soil processes development, diagnosing the selection of genetic horizons, morphological description of soils, determining the type of water regime and the degree of soil erosion, taxonomy and soil classification, and ecological stability of soils.

    Associate Professor of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation, Yuri Kravchenko represented NUBiP of Ukraine and discussed the training program during his visit to the College of Agricultural Sciences of Pennsylvania State University (PSU) in April 2019.

    During the meeting with the Dean of the Agrobiological Faculty, Oksana Tonkha, the objects of research and their geographical location were identified. Among other discussion topics were plans for future cooperation with the College of Agricultural Sciences of PSU on the implementation of joint online courses for English groups of NUBiP students, conducting international summer school under the guidance of Professor Patrick Drogan, credit and transfer requirements for adapting NUBiP soil science curriculum to the requirements of the discipline ‘Introductory Soil Science’ at PSU, etc.

    Moreover, the International Seminar “Restoration of Technologically Disrupted and Degraded Soils in Modern Land Use” was held at the university. It was attended by scientists of the Agrobilogical Faculty, representatives of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and 2nd-year bachelor students of the Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology. Keynote speaker was Professor of Pennsylvania State University, Rick Steihauer, who presented “Research on the Restoration of Technologically Disturbed Lands: A Brief Overview”. The seminar concluded with a discussion of legislative, regulatory and environmental requirements in the US and Ukraine for the restoration of disrupted lands.


    The training program also included the study of soils and vegetation in various areas. Field studies were carried out at Golosiyevo National Nature Park, Teremki Tract, Muromets Park, Soil Museum of Prof. M.K. Shykula Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation.

    The most productive day was at NUBiP Agronomic Research Station. Richard Steihauer got acquainted with the research fields near Pshenychne village and the developments of the Agrobilogical Faculty. The scientist presented his program to Rector Stanislav Nikolaenko and got acquainted with Ukrainian counterparts. Professor Steihauer also had the possibility to observe practical classes in Soil Science. A section of soil was presented, as well as its geographical location, description of climatic conditions, physico-geographical and morphometric characteristics, determination of the type of water regime, description of vegetation on the tiers, soil and underlying rocks, erosion phenomena, etc. The very next day, there was a student workshop, attended by Professor Richard Steihauer, NAAS Corresponding Member Volodymyr Velychko and Associate Professor of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation, Yuri Kravchenko.

     Upon completion, all participants received certificates.

Iryna Bilous

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