NUBiP presented its experience in training forest firefighters in Europe

July 6, 2019
    European countries often face the effects of extreme forest fires, which lead to loss of life and destruction of property and cultural heritage. Climate change exacerbates the effects of extreme weather conditions in Europe and in the world. Large fires cross national boundaries, requiring increased cooperation between states.

    Global Fire Monitoring Center and Regional Eastern European Fire Monitoring Center of NUBiP of Ukraine presented their experience in coordination of interagency cooperation in the field of forest fires and forest firefighters’ training at the conference in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). The event took place as a part of the project “European Centers for Civil Protection and Crisis Management”, initiated by the European Parliament.

    Based on the reports from representatives of European non-governmental firefighting centers, including Ukrainian, the project offered a model for disseminating the experience of existing centers. The European Commission, in close cooperation with the participating states and partners, will decide how best to use this theoretical model.

Sergiy Zibtsev,

Professor of the Department of Forestry of the ERI of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management,
Head of the Regional Eastern European Fire Monitoring Center

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