NUBiP of Ukraine - Oklahoma State University (USA): deepening cooperation and planning future academic exchanges

June 21, 2019
     Head of the Master's Program in International Agriculture at Oklahoma State University (OSU), Dr. Shida Henneberry, visited NUBiP of Ukraine at the invitation of Professor Tetyana Kalna-Dubenyuk.

     The guest presented Oklahoma State University and outlined the specifics of the master’s program.

     One of the cooperation aspects is conducting practical training for the US students at NUBiP of Ukraine. Practical training abroad is an obligatory part of the above-mentioned master's program. This year, OSU student, Baret Moore, is undergoing practical training at our university.

     He will share his impressions in an interview, but generally, he positively evaluates his internship. Upon completion of the internship, Baret Moore was given an internship certificate.

      Dr. Shida Henneberry also met with Vice-Rector Vadym Tkachuk and Head of the ERC for International Activity, Olexander Labenko. Participants of the meetings discussed organizing internships for students from the United States at NUBiP of Ukraine in June 2019. The parties reached an agreement on compulsory elements of such internships.

     During the meeting with Head of the Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education, Mariya Kulayets, it was agreed to include classes on green tourism in Ukraine for US students coming for an internship next year.

Olexander Labenko,
Head of the ERC for International Activity

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