Professor Ralph Schlauderer visited the Faculty of Agricultural Management

March 22, 2019
    On March 20-21, Dean of the Agricultural Faculty of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT)(Germany), Head of the International Master's Degree Program in Agrarian Management (IMA), Professor Dr. Ralph Schlauderer visited the Faculty of Agricultural Management of NUBiP of Ukraine.

    The purpose of the visit was to discuss the current state and further development of the international master's program “Administrative Management”. This program was accredited by ACQUIN International Certification Agency and received the certificate valid until September 30, 2021.

    The International Accreditation confirms the compliance of the curriculum with the European requirements for similar programs in Europe, as well as the high quality of teaching at NUBiP of Ukraine. It also allows students enrolled in this program to receive double degree diplomas of NUBiP of Ukraine and HSWT (Germany). Dr. Ralph Schlauderer met with the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Management, Anatoliy Ostapchuk, and program coordinator Nataliya Kovalenko and discussed the peculiarities of obtaining double degree diplomas, as well as maintaining the high quality of the educational process.

    Master's program “Administrative Management” aims at preparing a new generation of managers, capable of solving complex economic problems in a comprehensive manner, developing successful business strategies, forming a team of professionals and using the most advanced business technologies efficiently. Important features of the international master's program “Administrative Management” include its orientation towards the realities of Ukrainian agribusiness, combination of theoretical and hands-on training, participation in the educational process of highly professional Ukrainian and German teaching staff, conducting professional block-seminars for students and teachers.

     Dr. Ralph Schlauder delivered a lecture on “Application of MAX and RegioMAX programs in making management decisions”. The lecture aroused significant interest among students and led to a lively discussion.

     The university guest also actively participated in the Open Doors Day at the Faculty of Agricultural Management.

Nataliya Kovalenko,
Associate Professor of the Department of Administrative Management
and Foreign Economic Activity


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