Results of the XXXI International art festival "Holosiivska Vesna - 2012" held at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

April 4, 2012
The XXXI International art festival "Holosiivska Vesna -2012" held at  National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine came to an end. It was a thrilling month-long contest for the first prize. The participants as well as spectators were looking forward to the gala performance on 29 March when the results and the winners were to be announced.
The spring festival was a showcase for folk, academic and variety performers who received a high appraisal by the qualified and unbiased jury:
Oles M. Kharchenko – Head of the jury, People’s Artist of Ukraine, T. Shevchenko State Prize-winner, lead singer of “Yavir” band;
Lidia M. Vernigor, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Head of the Humanitarian, Cultural and Economic Centre for cooperation between Ukraine and Baltic states;
Roman A. Rudyi, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Assistant Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies of NUBiP;
Galina M.  Stepanenko, Head of department at Kyiv Centre of Folk Arts and Cultural Studies;
Olena Yu. Mankivska, National and International Prize-winner in modern choreography, Head of “Ovatsia” Contemporary Dance Group at Kyiv Art school No.2, 
Polina O. Baranichenko, Assistant of Theatrical Arts department at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.
During the festival (from 1st till 29th March) the Education and Research Institutes and Regional Educational institutions of NUBiP of Ukraine presented 24  spectacular programs.
About 800 students and teaching staff of NUBiP and more than 900 students and teachers of Regional Higher Educational Institutions took part in the festival. Around five thousand spectators were able to enjoy the show. Friendly and warm atmosphere attended the gala performance, especially when the spectators welcomed the guests from Saratov, Russia - "Kolosok"  Folk Song Ensemble of Vavilov State Agrarian University.
Various dance groups, singing and playing groups were engaged in the program. Participants showed their talents  in drama,  reciting poetry and solo singing.
Yet what we were able to see during the gala performance was just a small part of the huge amount of work undertaken by organizers as well as contestants for the festival to be a success.
We greatly appreciate the support of the Head of NUBiP Dmytro O. Melnychuk, the organization committee, the Heads of Education and Research Institutes and Regional Higher Educational Institutions of NUBiP in organizing this outstanding event. Besides, we cannot but mention the strenuous efforts of the staff of the Department of Cultural Studies who substantially contributed to this success.
Each year "Holosiivska Vesna"  discovers  new talents and leaves unforgettable impression on everyoneNo other university in Kyiv, and perhaps in Ukraine can pride itself on holding such a grand event. Therefore, we should be benevolent to students who are eager to participate in it and support them in every way.
By tradition, all the participants were greeted by Head of NUBiP, Academician, Hero of Ukraine, Dmytro O. Melnychuk. For the grand finale there was the university anthemperformed by all participants, the spectators joining in song!
Laboratory assistant of the Department of Cultural Studies,
O. Drobotenko
Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies,
Ya.V. Puzyrenko


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