High-quality milk and bread of on-site production

April 5, 2012
Last year NUBiP of Ukraine in cooperation with its Finnish partner – “Leipurin” company set up a joint training research and manufacturing center of bakery and confectionary products. Using up-to-date equipment the staff produce and sell daily a wide range of bakery products at university cafeterias: Lappish bread (containing 80% rye flour), Finnish bread, seven-grain rye baguettes, wheat "cheese sticks", and oatmeal cookies. These products appear to be not only delicious, high quality, healthy and produced up to international industry standards, but they also cater for various tastes.
What one needs to take full pleasure of such bread is delicious fresh milk. Such milk is supplied to university cafeterias by the training and research dairy farms of NUBiP. Having obtained significant milk yields farmers are able tofullyprovide theuniversityconsumers with their dairy produce which is really good value for money and sells well both among university staff as well as residents of the district. In addition, the most renowned advantage of the milk produced at university stockbreeding complexes is the fact that it is used for production of baby food by one of Kyiv milk processing plants.

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