Foreign students from Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire are studying project management at NUBiP of Ukraine!

February 23, 2019

      In the autumn of 2018, NUBiP of Ukraine started a new master's degree program for foreign students “Management of Investment Activity and International Projects”. Now it is possible to sum up some of the results and find out the students' impressions. Students from different parts of the world, in particular, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, have chosen this master's program at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Among them are Alkuran Tarik Abdul Karim, Bussu Aossi Adelph, Memon Sharif Ullah, Hannan Mohammed Imtiaz.

     The staff of the Department of Production and Investment Management is very pleased that foreign students choose this master's program. The entire team of teachers of this department and the Faculty of Agricultural Management worked very hard to bring this program to life. The master's program “Management of Investment Activity and International Projects” was created in accordance with all the requirements for qualitative training in order to compete adequately with the leading universities both in Ukraine and abroad. The quality of the professional training of the graduates of the Department of Production and Investment Management is ensured by continuous improvement of the structure of the educational process, the development of new educational products, the introduction of a competent approach with the simultaneous expansion of advanced educational technologies and teaching methods based on the use of information technologies.

     Among the disciplines of the new English-language educational program are Project and Project Risk Management, Start-Up Projects Management, International Programs and Grants, Formation and Development of a Project Team, Investment Management, Macroeconomic Analysis and Investment Strategy, Sources of Business Project Financing, etc.

      During the conversation, the students note that they do not feel strangers here at NUBiP. They attend an accelerated course of Ukrainian as a foreign language, provided by the university.

     The staff of the Department of Production and Investment Management headed by Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiya V. Shynkaruk, are very satisfied with the results students achieved during the first semester, as well as with their attitude to studying.


     The students shared their impressions of studying at NUBiP of Ukraine (cited):

Studying at NUBiP

     Some people know well in advance what they want to study at university, and others spend longer searching for the right subject or choosing between a few. Make sure it’s your decision as it’s the most important one you’ll make! You need to choose something you’ll be happy studying.

     Hello everyone! I am Mohammed Imtiaz Hannan from Bangladesh.I have done my Bachelors from United Kingdom and yet I chose to Study my Masters in Ukraine and particularly in National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine because there are few reasons for it.

     The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading institutions of education, science and culture in Ukraine. More than 26 thousand students and more than 600 graduates, PhD students and seekers study at 3 educational and research institutes and 13 departments of basic university institution (in Kyiv) and 10 separate units of NULES of Ukraine – regional universities of І-ІІІ accreditation levels.

     The faculty here are very good and particularly I am doing Masters in International Project and Investment Activity under the Agricultural Management faculty which in one word I can say is “Awesome”. The best part is all the teachers in my faculty can speak good English and It makes life for an International student much easier.

     The university is located in a very quiet place surrounded with greenery which helps the students to study in a peaceful environment away from all the city hustle and bustle.

     Also not to forget about some facilities that the University has to offer are football stadium with track and field racetracks and stands for 5,000 seats, outdoor basketball and volleyball pitches, 2 playgrounds for mini-football, and tennis courts. In the sports complex of the university there is a playing hall, a karate hall, a hall for weightlifting, a gym, and a hall for wrestling. Sports facilities are adjacent to Maksim Rylskyi Holosiivskyi Park and Holosiivskyi forest – a great place for cross racing, orienteering, sports radio direction finding, ski racing, and tourism.

     The students here can enjoy their leisure time in the canteen which provides very good meal at an affordable rate.

     I would definitely recommend and encourage international students from all parts of the world to come and study at NULES and enjoy their study life in Ukraine!

Hello everybody.

     My name is Boussou Ahossi Adelphe, am master student in investment activities and international projects management. The master program in this university is one of the best for me in Ukraine. From the programming of the courses to the administrative organization of the department of management passing of course by the university administration in the whole, everything is done to ensure that students are in the comfort of learning. I salute the dedication of the teachers to the students that allowing us to learn with insurance.

     The university environment is to cut the breath with its stadium and the park around. I’m waiting for the summer to make the most enjoy of it.



Olexandra Ralko, Kateryna Alekseeva,
Associate Professors of the Department of Production and Investment Management

Hannan Mohammed Imtiaz, Bossu Aossi Adelph
Master students of the Master Program
“Management of Investment Activity and International Projects”

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