Faculty of Economics cooperates with Warsaw University of Life Sciences

April 15, 2019
    From April 08 till April 13, 2019 as a part of Erasmus+ program, representative of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) Dr. Jacek Skudlarski visited the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis of the Faculty of Economics of NUBiP of Ukraine.
    Dr. Jacek Skudlarski presented SGGW Department of Organization and Production Engineering, and dwelled on the peculiarities of its academic and research activities. Dr. Skudlarski also delivered the lectures to NUBiP students majoring in Accounting and Taxation and Economics. The lectures were devoted to renewable energy sources, including biomass production technology and aroused a lively interest among the students, who emphasized the importance of reducing energy dependency in Ukraine during the discussions with the university guest. 
    Dr. Jacek Skudlarski highlighted that Erasmus + mobility program is a perfect chance to obtain new knowledge and experience, improve teaching methods, and enhance scientific collaboration between the educational institutions.
Oksana Makarchuk,
Associate Professor of the Department of
Statistics and Economic Analysis



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