University financiers at the International Finance and Banking Forum in Poland

December 3, 2018

     Teachers of the Department of Finance took part in the XI International Finance and Banking Forum in Warsaw (Poland). Its participants included representatives of financial community, scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs from various countries. The agenda consisted of a wide range of issues in finance and banking, challenges in combination of financial science and practice, as well as implementation of IT solutions and their impact on the economic efficiency of enterprises.

     Opening the event, Professor M. Vasilevsky highlighted the important role of finance and banking sector in stimulating economies, and emphasized how relevant it is to combine theoretical knowledge and practical solutions. The speakers at the Forum included scientists from Polish universities (Professor Yaroslav Golebivsky, Professor Andriy Bushko, Professor Jersey Kitovsky, Professor Zbigniv Korzeb, Professor Grazina Mikhalchuk), representatives of banks and international organizations (Michal Krakoviak, Valdemar Zbitek, Professor Agatha Adamska, Professor Grasina Antsyparovich and others).


    Teachers of the Department of Finance presented the study on “Mechanism of Ensuring Financial Sustainability of Agricultural Enterprises”. Head of the Department, Nadiya Davydenko, highlighted the importance of maintaining stable financial position of agricultural enterprises at the expense of their own resources, as well as investments. She also emphasized the differences in access to funding sources in comparison with foreign countries, and the importance of state support. Due to the shortage of own financial resources, limited opportunities and high level of interest rates in the banking sector, management solutions for the agrarian economy should be aimed at finding alternative sources of financial support. One of the ways chosen by domestic agricultural companies is international stock exchanges. Placement of shares allowed to attract more than $ 2 billion.

    Speakers' reports were of practical use and sparked lively discussions. As a result, proposals and recommendations for improving financial climate and access to banking resources were formed.

Larysa Oliynyk,
Associate Professor of
the Department of Finance

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