International cooperation between NUBiP of Ukraine and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

December 19, 2018

    Rector Stanislav Nikolayenko visited training and research facilities of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Jelgava, Latvia). Among them were Laboratory of Food Technology, Laboratory of Biotechnology, Laboratory of Microbiology, and also Clinic of Veterinary Medicine. All of the above mentioned institutions were established using the costs of the EU projects. It proves the efficiency of university development through strengthening of material, technical and laboratory capacities, rather than reducing the number of universities.

    The Laboratory of Arc Technology is becoming increasingly popular among business entities, which are in need of new technological solutions and improved product testing before launching products on the market. Dean of the Faculty of Food Technologies expressed interest in cooperation with scientists of NUBiP of Ukraine.

    The Laboratory of Biotechnology specializes in assessing the quality of livestock feed. Latvian farmers are paying close attention to the quality of animal feed, and as a result, the laboratory works only on orders from companies that produce feed.


    The Laboratory of Microbiology is an EU-certified water analysis facility.

    The Clinic of Veterinary Medicine consists of three departments: for small animals, for horses and for large animals. It also includes dentistry, inpatient department, and surgical department. The clinic is famous for its successful and quick service: within three hours after the start of examination there is always an exact diagnosis and the necessary treatment is prescribed. Animals from various countries are brought to the clinic (in particular, Lithuania, Estonia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and even from Ukraine). The cost of services is approximately 20% more than at any human hospital (a vet’s appointment at the clinic costs 40 euros, while a doctor’s appointment is about 30 euros).

     As a result of the negotiations, Rector Stanislav Nikolayenko and Rector Irina Pilvere agreed on the development of cooperation between the universities within the framework of joint research projects between Ukraine and Latvia, as well as the EU projects (Erasmus +, COST).

     Stanislav Nikolayenko congratulated Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies on its 155th anniversary and expressed his hope for further fruitful cooperation.


Olexander Labenko

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