Jack Aaron Evans from the USA: NUBiP of Ukraine presents perfect correlation between tuition fee and quality of education!

December 17, 2018

      Our university is actively attracting foreign students. At present, 46 citizens from 16 countries are studying at the preparatory department. One of them, Jack Aaron Evans, came from the United States of America, namely from Colorado, in order to gain a degree in veterinary medicine at NUBiP of Ukraine.

- How do you like the Dnipro River compared to the Mississippi river?
      - I like it very much, especially in winter. I love walking around the center, in particular in Poshtova Square. It reminds me of my homeland.


- Why have you chosen to study in Ukraine, and specifically, at NUBiP?
     - I had several requirements that I took into account when choosing: the cost of living, tuition fee, university’ history and reputation. It had to be situated in the country’s capital. NUBiP of Ukraine was a perfect fit. And it offers perfect correlation between tuition fee and quality of education!

- Would you recommend it to your friends and acquaintances?
     - I would and I already have. I am surrounded by attentive teachers and classmates, who are always ready to help. Even when compared to German (which I also considered), where education is free, Ukrainian education is more competitive due to the inexpensive cost of living.

- What difficulties have you faced?
     - The first and most important is the language barrier. English is very different from Ukrainian. Therefore, by the way, my cultural life is still limited to city walks, because my Ukrainian is not sufficient even to go to the theatre yet. But university teachers are fantastic! Especially teachers of Ukrainian: I already can say and understand the minimum necessary for life.

- What do you do in your spare time?
      - I go in for sports and I cook. Ukrainian cuisine is very peculiar. I enjoyed the classic combination: borschtsch and fat. Although I was pretty scared when I tried it for the first time: it has very unusual taste.

- New Year holidays are coming... Have you decided how you are going to celebrate?
     - I am very excited. I got acquainted with some guys studying Tourism, and they have already invited me to visit a village in Chernihiv region. I'll see how New Year and Christmas are celebrated there.

Iryna Bilous

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