NUBiP of Ukraine attracts foreigners: Algerian students want to become German translators

November 5, 2018

    This  September, freshmen who decided to major in German philology joined the student family of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy. Being a students is not only about passing exams, but mostly about the brightest discoveries and desire to become successful. This is a new stage, a chance to find new friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We have formed a wonderful team, a friendly academic group, among which there are also foreign students.

    We are very glad to have the opportunity to study alongside the representatives of another state, who have chosen NUBiP of Ukraine. It is a great chance to develop communication skills and learn something new about a foreign country and its traditions.
    Male part of our academic group consists of 5 foreign students - Kasid Sidu, Metmati Mehdi, Ufa Munir, Yasin-El and Aves. They are very responsible and pay great efforts to learning German. And female part of the group (Angelika Kolachova, Krystyna Storchak, Darya Rybalka, Oleksandra Fedorova, Karina Rurak) is always eager to help.

    Our conversation with Sid and Munir was very entertaining. The guys are not our peers but it does not prevent us from finding a common language. We should also mention that we have already overcome the language barrier, because our new friends are polyglots and speak Berbeese, Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Russian, and a bit Ukrainian and German. They are fond of football and have already played on a professional level. Munir promised to continue and defend the university's honor at the football championships. Unfortunately, Kasid had to stop playing. In their hometown, football is very appreciated. When there is an important game, everyone puts everything aside and watches the match.


    Our foreign friends love reading and travelling. They have already visited a few Ukrainian cities. Kyiv is their favourite one as it reminds them of Algeria. Guys are pretty impressed by the university and its devoted faculty. Their favourite teacher is Valentyn S. Maksymchuk - our German teacher, who is very intelligent and experienced.

    This is the second higher education for our fellow students. Kasid Sidu is a journalist and Munir Ufa is a biologist. But they are confident that after obtaining a degree in “German Philology (Translation)” here at NUBiP of Ukraine, they will go to Germany or stay in Ukraine and work as translators.

Olena Babych,
monitor of Phil18002 academic group


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